A balanced lifestyle- right food at the right time, meditate, moderate exercise is Success!

I’ll Go to the Gym Tomorrow. Definitely Tomorrow!

Well, I am working hard, working late, infact working even during sleep. Who am I? I eat a quick morning meal, a late or sometimes a working lunch. I don’t like to eat home food at night, it’s all too boring. Who am I?

I try to come early home to my family everyday from work, I try to party hard on weekends and get my much deserved sleep on Sunday’s. I have so much on my plate that it’s difficult to be able to do all of these all the time or shall I say most of the times. Now, guess who I am.

This man has poor working, eating and sleeping habits. He has the best office and facilities. Is he Successful? Is he Healthy?
Success is being Happy not having a fancy office or a great home as long as you can’t even have a peaceful meal

I get paid a handsome salary for my efforts. In fact, I am leading a comfortable life at my new luxury apartment in a private gated, secure society surrounded by greens. Now you should guess who I am. Anyone?

Oh! I forgot to mention, I have a strong sense of health and fitness. I used to be an active sportsman in my school days, I used to workout regularly when I was in University. Infact, I have a premium gym membership and a swimming pool membership. I also have membership of a large Sports Club and a golf club in a nearby suburb. Now I am sure you know me well. Common, who am I?

Ok. Let me disclose my secret! I am a hardworking rising middle manager in a leading organization or a new entrant to the senior management in another organization. I am also a young businessman, an entrepreneur. I am modern, savvy; I am ambitious, result oriented and focused to achieve success.

I believe that I have it in me to be at the top. There is so much to do, so much to achieve while time is so little. Success is a continuous adrenaline raising journey for me, where each achievement is a small stepping stone to success!

I go for nice vacations with my family and friends once in a year, we have a great time. We booze, eat the best food and have a nice time at the beach sometimes. It is fun! Time with family and friends is so much fun. But, you know it’s hard to keep the family happy even with the best of comforts and the best of holidays!

Anyway, the other day at the gym over a chat with a friend we joked about how hard it is to keep the family satisfied! It’s a similar story with him. Actually, we had a long chat, we had met after 6 weeks. He had been traveling on and off and I had a couple of hectic weeks at office. You know how it is sometimes with these deadlines! So, couldn’t be regular at the gym. Well, it’s ok to skip once in a while. Isn’t it? Body also needs rest after a hectic day after all.

Well, while in the gym I checked my weight. I’ve gained over 4 Kg in the last one year. Oh gosh! I think I may have to check again in another machine! And even if it has I am the Vice President now, so there are so many parties, official dinners. One tends to overeat sometimes. It’s natural! Also with age it’s but natural that you gain some weight here and there. But I plan to go to the clinic for their yearly checkup program soon. I’ve heard about this from my friend. There’s no harm in it. Anyway, how does this matter much. I am in pretty good shape. I am managing a large team, I am able to work for long hours, travel and still give my 100%. I am still pretty fit I guess……???




Well, are we done with the story! Or should I write more. Are we done with excuses?

I must admit, I was also in this loop of “sacred” success. So, did I achieve success? No! Did I achieve happiness? No! But I did achieve some praise from my peers, my seniors and friends!

A balanced lifestyle- right food at the right time, meditate, moderate exercise is Success!
Right Exercise, Medication and Balanced Eating habits help us Realise Ourselves. That’s Happiness!

That has changed now. I have adopted a new lifestyle, a different approach to success – I Have Lost 18.5 Kg of my old success in a span of 9 months!! What did I do? Well, to be honest, nothing! I didn’t do anything I was not supposed to do!

Eat right, exercise light, sleep tight! That’s the magic mantra for success. Because success is the sound of the perfect symphony of body, mind and soul. Start with giving time to yourself, laugh a little! Move out in the open with a regular 30 minute daily walk, take it up with light stretches and exercise regimen, go further with the right food at the right time, and top it up gradually with meditation or Yoga! That is success! It will be at your doorstep knocking everyday with a loving smile 🙂

Have a nice Successful Time!

This Article was originally Published by Varun Sawhney on Linkedin